Oct. 13, 2008 email from consultant Brian Floyd to Robinson supporter Gail Paparian stating that Don Robinson – on 8/20/08 – called Liberty Energy’s toxic sludge incinerator plant “a good plan” :


—– Original Message —–
From: “Brian Floyd” <brianfloyd@mac.com>
To: <gailpaparian@verizon.net>
Cc: “Joseph Lucsko” <lucsko@dc.rr.com>
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 4:13 PM

Dear Gail,

My name is Brian Floyd.  I am a partner in Floyd & Lucsko, Inc., a
political consulting firm.  My business partner is Joe Lucsko, a
resident of Banning and a former member of it’s City Council.

It has come to my attention that you are forwarding an email by Don
Robinson, a candidate for the Banning City Council, that is
disparaging of our corporation and Mr. Lucsko, in an effort to gain
votes for Mr. Robinson.

Since you are forwarding the potentially libelous email I felt it was
important to set the record straight before you reprint the false
allegations being made by Mr. Robinson about my business partner and our corporation.  Simply put, Mr. Robinson’s email does not relate
the facts of the matter as they occurred.   I have known Joe Lucsko
for nine years and been in business with him the last five.  I have
never known Joe Lucsko to put money before his principles.  And if he
did, it would probably be the end of our business relationship.

While it is true that Mr. Lucsko and I met with Mr. Robinson to
discuss his campaign, the facts of the matter greatly differ from
those now being proffered by Mr. Robinson.

Joe Lucsko and I met with Don Robinson at Gramma’s restaurant at 9am on August 20, 2008 at Mr. Robinson’s request to discuss his City
Council race.  Mr. Robinson had been present at a campaign school
offered by the Republican Party of Riverside County where Mr. Lucsko
and myself had been teaching.  It was clear that Mr. Robinson was
interested in our services as campaign consultants.

As I am the head of campaigns within the company (Mr. Lucsko is the
head of research) most of the conversation related to business was
between myself and Mr. Robinson.  We talked about where he stood on many important issues (public safety, economic development, etc.) Mr. Lucsko asked Mr. Robinson what he thought of Liberty Energy to which Mr. Robinson replied “It’s a good plan.”

Knowing that my business partner was completely opposed to Liberty
Energy’s plan to build a toxic human waste burning plant in Banning,
I let Mr. Lucsko inform Don Robinson of the dangers the plant
presented to the health and well being to the Banning’s residents.  I
was shocked when Mr. Robinson continued to stand by the plan to bring Liberty to Banning when he said “Yeah, but the City needs money.” Mr. Lucsko then informed Mr. Robinson that he would not support anyone that would vote to bring Liberty Energy to town.

From my point of view the meeting was over, as it is our company
policy to completely agree as to which clients we take on.  Obviously
we wouldn’t be contracting with Mr. Robinson.  However, Mr. Robinson
then told us that he’d look into the Liberty issue a bit more before
taking a position and asked us to get back to him with a proposal.
Floyd & Lucsko, Inc. never sent him a proposal as we could not and
would not work for any candidate that would put making money over the health and safety of the people he or she wants to represent in elected office.

If Mr. Robinson’s claim that he turned our services down is true, he
can produce a proposal from Floyd & Lucsko, Inc. or a contract we
sent him.  He can not,  and that alone demonstrates his account of
these circumstances is false.

It is a matter of some concern when a politician like Don Robinson
attacks the ethics of our corporation in a blatant and possibly
libelous attempt to revive his struggling campaign.  I understand
this should not surprise me, being that many say Mr. Robinson has a
history of exagerating circumstances to his benefit (such as his
military service) or minimizing them if they are to his detriment
(such as the facts of a sexual harassment lawsuit he was named in).

Floyd & Lucsko, Inc. is a professional political consulting
corporation  that has a very reputable past and current client list.
We work on races for Water Board all the way up to the United States
Congress.  I will not allow the company to be defamed or libeled by
Mr. Robinson or his supporters.

To mitigate the damage you have caused, I respectfully ask that you
forward this email to everyone you forwarded Mr. Robinson’s email
to.  Additionally, any article you write repeating Mr. Robinson’s
claims must also present the truthful account of the matter as is
contained within this email.  Anything less a reckless disregard
for the truth by you and the Record Gazette.

Very truly,

Brian Floyd
Floyd & Lucsko, Inc.

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