No Toxic Sludge Cartoon Page

The artist, Chuck Katz, has lived in Banning for 31 years, and has been visiting here since he was 7. He made a decision to live in this little community in order to escape the big city life. The 2 main factors in choosing Banning was the beautiful and healthful air, and the exceptional  clean water – the best water for miles.
Chuck has used his artistic talents in many ways, and in a host of different media. This has allowed him a unique format of expression, attitude and awareness.
Chuck owned a sign business in Banning and carved the sign that stood at the entrance to the recently demolished Police Department. He taught art, made a living selling his art while living in San Francisco and was commissioned to design patches for the Navy submarine he was assigned to, as well as create art work for the ship’s newspaper.
Chuck has become passionate about and has a huge concern for Banning’s future. The art   work here is not intended to cause division among the residents of Banning, but instead to unite them. Chuck, along with a very concerned, wonderful group of people has dedicated a huge amount work and time in order to make the unaware aware. This is only intended to let everyone know how much we love our city, and  to preserve the City’s quality of life and precious resources.
Please stand together on this issue and please, keep Banning beautiful. Join the fight to ensure a safe and healthy city four our children, elderly and residents of all ages. You deserve it, now go get it.
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