John Machisic

John Machisic

Only a few days before the November 4, 2008 elections  –  on October 28 – Liberty Energy donated a total of  $ 12,000.00 for the purpose of influencing the Banning election.

Rather than donating the money directly to the campaigns of Machisic and Robinson they chose  to use a “front” organization called “California Taxpayer Protection Committee”. The very same day this organization received $ 12,000.00   from Liberty Energy  they  spent $ 10,545.30 on two mailers to Banning residents ( click here to view mailers ).

With these mailers they were able to get Liberty Energy Stooges John Machisic and Don Robinson elected to City Council on November 4.

To view the MONEY TRAIL please CLICK HERE

The donations came from Liberty XXIII Biofuels Power, LLC, Bakersfield and Liberty V Biofuels Power, LLC, Bakersfield and totaled $ 12,000.00 (2 donations of $ 6,000 each).

This goes to show that Liberty Energy’s claim that the project was “suspended” was nothing but a hoax. Sneaky as can be, Liberty tried to make the public believe that they abandoned the project, while they covertly spend big dollars in an attempt to influence the outcome of the elections in their favor.

Don Robinson

Don Robinson

Ask yourself : why would Liberty Energy spend $ 12,000 on these two candidates for City Council ?

If Liberty spends this kind of money they are obviously very comfortable with the candidates they support and expect them to approve the project.

Don Robinson clearly appears to have an agenda. He has called the Liberty project ” a good plan” (more).

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