Self proclaimed Canadian “Sludge Expert” Maureen Reilly is in Banning to “help”.   Don’t fall for it !

She pretends to join us in the fight against sludge but in reality she has been advocating sludge incineration all along ! HERE IS PROOF of Maureen Reilly promoting the St. Paul, Minnesota Incinerator plant !! (Scroll down to section ” biomass as fuel”)

It appears that her purpose is obviously to diffuse and undermine local resistance as well as to infiltrate and disinform. In other words, this appears to be a professional undercover agent for Liberty’s cause.

Isn’t it interesting that she appeared RIGHT AFTER public resistance was becoming visible. Where was she when Banning was still asleep on this ?

It has been public record for 18 months that Liberty was trying to set foot here. She didn’t have an apparent interest in Banning then . She appears to have set up temporary residency in Banning since last Thursday and even addressed the City Council at the meeting on 9/9 .

Why are we allowing this nonresident foreign National to address a US City Council in order to influence local politics ? The City Council is supposed to listen to concerns of local residents. Reilly should have gotten get kicked out on the spot.

Isn’t it further interesting that she also appeared out of nowhere in Imperial County when they were forming a resistance … So who’s payroll is she on ? You decide.

Nice try, Liberty !

For an inside view on how these undercover industry operatives do business please read the story of Mary McFate . Mary is to guns what Maureen Reilly is to sludge.

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