No, this is not happening in the Soviet Union. It’s happening right here in the United States of America.  Banning to be exact : your elected officials just voted to diminish your  First Amendment Right to Free Speech .

On April 28, 2009 the City Council started the process to create a new “rule” that will effectively leave it up to the Mayor to decide who speaks and who doesn’t .

In the past, the public was able to speak on items not on the agenda for a total time of 30 minutes. Anybody could address the Council on any issue during that time. Due to the public outrage about the pending Liberty Energy approval process much of the 30 minutes was often taken up by speakers critical of Liberty Energy.

Under the new rule, anyone who now wants to speak before the Council must first fill out a “card”, identify themselves and the subject he or she wants to speak about. The Mayor then looks at those cards and decides who can speak and who cannot, based on his sole discretion.

You may say that’s hard to believe. Watch this clip from the 4/28  City Council Meeting  :

This new rule clearly is designed to suppress mounting criticism by the public about the Liberty Energy toxic sludge incinerator by implementing Soviet style censorship so critics can be silenced.

Has the Banning City Council has gone completely insane ? ALL City Council members voted for of this , except for Barbara Hanna !

Like in a dictatorship, where the dictator decides who speaks, it is now becoming a privilege, not a right, to speak in Banning !  And dictator Botts will be making the decision at his sole discretion.

With their “yes” votes, Botts, Robinson, Machisic and Franklin have officially conspired to take away from our First Amendend Right to Free Speech  .  Shame on them !

Now that Free Speech is being turned into a complete farce by the City Council, what is the difference  between Banning and a Banana Republic ?

It seems that we as citizen of Banning need to regain control over a totally out-of-control City Council .

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