Liberty Energy has told us repeatedly that the “Minnesota Plant” , located in St.Paul, MN, is comparable to what they propose to build in Banning.
They have even offered to fly the entire City Council to Minnesota so they can view this plant. The plant there is NOT owned and operated by Liberty but by the “Metropolitan Council”, which is the local municipality there.
However, Liberty would like for the public to assume that they – Liberty Energy – own and operate this plant or at least a plant somewhere on this planet. The fact of the matter is, they don’t own or operate any such facility anywhere.
So, does the City Council really need to travel there ?
Let’s take a look at  the Minnesota plant’s  permit issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency , Air Emission Permit No. 12300053-001 :
The permit refers repeatedly to the operation of an “incinerator” or “incinerators”.
For a more in depth look you can CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE COPY OF THE ENTIRE PERMIT (Note : If you don’t feel like reading the entire 40 pages, just take a quick look at the “Facility Description” on page 4 )
THE MINNESOTA PLANT’S NEWSLETTER gives essentially the same information – just in layman terms ; it clearly states that the facility is operating as an “incinerator” NOT as a “power plant” as Liberty Energy wants us to believe.
After viewing the above documents, can there be any doubt about the true nature of the Minnesota Plant being an Incinerator ?  This is just one more example of the false and deceptive “green energy” claims brought forward by Liberty Energy in order to confuse an unsuspecting public.
The Minnesota permit exposes the Liberty Energy “green”, “renewable energy” “biofuels” claim as blatently false and misleading . The project’s true nature is that of incineration of toxic sludge.

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