Public filings by incumbent Councilmember John Machisic (view filings) reveal that he received a campaign contribution from Liberty XXII Biofuels Power LLC, an affiliated Company of Liberty Energy. The contribution was made on 11/16/07 in the amount of  $ 250.00.

On 10/11/07 Councilmember Machisic also received a $ 500.00 contribution from Mark Christopher Properties, a company  affiliated with campaign fraudster Mark Leggio (he is the “Mark” in “Mark Christopher Properties”). Leggio is currently under indictment for 37 counts of campaign money laundering and campaign finance fraud (view article) .

Leggio’s fraudulent campaign contribution activities are also tied to Banning Mayor Brenda Salas, who’s campaign received  $ 15,000.00 from Leggio’s scheme according to this article in Press Enterprise (view article). Machisic’s filings further show that Mayor Brenda Salas then chose to contribute $ 500.00 directly to Machisic.  Does this smell bad, or what ?  Can we say “SLUDGE” ?

Machisic now claims he returned the money to Liberty Energy recently, however, we are unable to confirm this at this time

Mayor Brenda Salas is now leaving the City Council and is seeking election to the Water Board.

Salas has created a big mess for Banning by approving a “Letter of Intent” (view) with Liberty Energy in 2007, thereby encouraging the company to pursue it’s toxic sludge incinerator project in Banning.

Don’t give  Brenda Salas a big “thank you” by electing her to the Water Board. Salas has all the markings of an opportunistic career politician. Make her get a real job for a change.

We suggest that you do not vote for Brenda Salas for the Water Board but instead elect Dave Dysart.

Do not vote for “sludge candidates” Machisic, Robinson, Salas.

vote only for the “anti-sludge candidates” :  Barrington, Irwin, Hanna

To view the complete filing (all pages) of campaign donations received by Councilmember John Machisic please CLICK HERE

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